Vessels Of The Circle
  • The Harvester - A Blue Water Merchant converted to pirate vessel, armed with a light steam cannon and a heavy ballista.
  • The Burnt Offering - A former Skullstone-owned Marine Assault Bireme, armament of two ballista and 1 catapult. Left in Offering, a small island decimated by Skullstone reavers.
  • The Powder Keg, formerly the Fair Weather Pearl - a confiscated privateer from Coral, a Coastal Trader, armament of 1 catapult.
  • The Rhudhira's Sword - a newly purchased Blue Water Merchant, armament of 3 ballista.
  • The Little Sister, a dromond armed with ballista and catapults - loaned to Crystal Eyes as a floating dormitory for his new apprentices.
  • The Newly Risen, a Skullstone style Marine Assault Bireme, now armed with ballista - raised from the ocean floor to replace the Burnt Offering.
  • The Twilight's Razor, a Clipper-Class vessel, first of its kind, designed by Kelpwine and CrystalEyes. Armed with razordisc sailcutters.
  • Two unnamed dromonds, used as fishing vessels for the Isle.
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