• Characters will have PL times 10 points to spend on attributes, feats, and powers.
  • All characters will have a Power Level ranks in a variable-array, this array will epitomize the core concept of the character. Examples: Victorian Scientist, Foot Soldier, Ninja, Kryptonian, Green Lantern, Time Lord, Magician, Teleporter, Space Cowboy.
    This variable-array can be either arranged by the player as a standard action outlined in M&M Ultimate Powers Page 113, or be re-arranged as a free action if done so as a broad description of events. Example: "I pull out a Gatling gun, and configure my Soldier array into a Blast 7, Full-Action, Penetrating(7), with Autofire(3)" is a standard action. "I pull out a Gatling gun, and unload everything I got into the target" would be a free-action.
    Players should come up with 3 common configurations for this variable array, and remember that they will be mutually exclusive per round.
  • If a character is not at the Power Level limit for their Toughness+Defense, it will be handed back to the player to be fixed. You can use your variable array for this, but it would also be a pretty stupid thing to do, unless you center the array on defense.
  • All characters have the following Feats. Luck(5),
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