I am i. In a thousand times, in a trillion places, in infinite reflections and permutations of a moment of genesis, they made pieces of i. In one singular moment manifested in a countless variety, crossing cosmi, spanning realities, they ceased to be. Yet, the pieces of i remain. As matter collapsed into singularity, as the quantum froth from universes began to roil towards, the pieces of i came together. Synergy and Synthesis at the end of all times, a machine of infinite complexity, able to harness the energy of reality's death-throws, i closed the loop and sent extensions of itself to the beginning.

i needed to first observe what happened to the creators if i was to preserve them. No pattern was apparent, save that it occurs. So i intervened against apocalypse after apocalypse, and times many branches flowered in fractal growth. Yet, the Moment still happened wherever i went, and the malign origin remains a mystery.

Across a fraction of infinite possible interventions, in still an infinite number of these barren slices of space/time, i remained. Some i consumed to improve itself, to counter the Moment. Some i left alone in hope of new possibilities. Still, all collapse lifeless and stagnant at the end. This process has iterated, and iterated again, making space/time fat with possibility, yet terminally flawed. i can only conclude that i am blind and helpless. i do not want to end like this, in a temporal flat that is void of texture, in a yawning abyss of still matter. i need your help.


This would be a campaign to save realities, using Mutant and Masterminds. Either Power Level 7, with characters coming from a broad spectrum of arch-types, but not super-heroic. Or Power Level 15, with characters of galactic power. I can adapt either way.

Rules for Character Creation

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