The Vault West (Home)

Things to know About the Vault you call home.

  1. The Vault was originally conceived as a hideaway for western government leaders and possibly the President, but was never finished.
  2. It went unfinished because when they were running overbudget so badly, someone pointed out that it was too far away from anything to be usable - there was no way to build an airport, and winds were not favorable to Vertibirds.
  3. The project was shut down, and mothballed, at approximately 60% completion. Only the living quarters and backup reactors, as well as a firing range were left unbuilt.
  4. The Vault was meant to be vehicle friendly, as thus had a enlarged door with extending ramp to allows vehicles to drive into the unfinished area, which was meant to become the living areas and a vehicle bay for Vertibirds and possibly tanks.
  5. Engineers who had been involved in the project began to move their families to the Colburn and Sandpoint areas in order to be close to the Vault when tensions began running high, as they could all operate from home with the Vault-Tec satellite towers in place. The locals were disconcerted to find that all of these new families were not buying homes, but bringing RVs and trailers to live in, pulled by new fusion plants.
  6. At least one engineer opened the Vault, and began bringing in truckloads of recycled materials from local sources, such as timber, steel, aluminum, concrete, plumbing pipe, electrical supplies, and assorted other sundries to help finish building should it become necessary. He stored them in trailers he pulled in with a semi rig. Another repaired a damaged Robobrain who had been left behind accidentally in a storeroom, and set her to moving materials into storerooms, so that he could reuse the trailers. She was assisted by a set of Protectrons that had been purchased from a shutdown Nuka-Cola plant in Boise.
  7. When the alerts went out that the bombs were falling, the engineers and their families left for the Vault, driving their vehicles into the open areas, and parking them as close together as possible, to minimze space taken up. Many locals followed them, just hoping they knew something helpful. When the decision was made to close the door, 1732 people had gotten into the Vault.
  8. The next 30 or so years were spent building living quarters for the population, cannibalizing the fusion reactors from the vehicles to power additions and provide backup to the main reactor, and getting all of the electronics meant for a military establishment online.
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