The Land Exploration/Evaluation Transport
  • The Land Exploration/Evaluation Transport (LE/ET) is an eight-wheeled transport built as an exploration vehicles by the inhabitants of Vault West to use as mobile base of operations to explore the new world outside their massive steel door, and provide vital reconnaisance.
  • It was built of a size to just barely fit on what was a standard road in the pre-war world, in the thought of it being necessary to have enough size to provide cover and protection for the crew, as well as hold all of the equipment for testing foodstuffs, water, charging weapons, taking weather readings, and sending these back to the Vault.
  • The LE/ET can hold up to 8 people comfortably, with sleeping 'cabinets' in the center of the vehicle providing space for up to 4 to sleep at any given time, as well as folding cots in case of emergency.
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