Stormwalker Journal

The Captain's log/journal is rambling, changes languages somewhat randomly, and doesn't have any dates in it. Parts seem written in such a way that it's clear someone else was expected to be reading the journal. Parts seem to contain deliberate disinformation.

The following is what you're pretty sure is true -

*The captain's name is Stormwalker (literally, “He-Who-Walks-The-Storm”), of House Peleps. The name of the ship was the Graceful Dolphin
*The journey started out with 3 passengers: Thundering Chasm, Silent Guide, and Insignificant Pebble of Quartz. All of them are of House Mnemon. The purpose of the journey was to investigate a number of geomantic sites in the West.
*Stormwalker is a member of a brotherhood of 10 who will take violent vengeance if House Mnemon is foolish enough to take his ship or his life (this was from a section which seemed like it was expected someone else would read it).
*Stormwalker was not happy to be taking this journey, but had to go along due to gambling debts. He admits he is perhaps overfond of dice.
*Stormwalker thinks the rum tasted funny, too.
*Insignificant Pebble of Quartz (often referred to as Quartz or Pebble, depending on the mood) is an immaculate monk. He is Earth aspected, extremely large, and prefers to use the testubo. It is suspected he peed in the rum after Stormwalker beat him in a debate. Stormwalker doesn't like him. Quartz seems to have a side purpose.
*Thundering Chasm and Silent Guide (often referred to as Thunder and Lenta) are brother and sister. Stormwalker got along with them fairly well. They are very close. Both of them are skilled in a joint “Elemental Bolt Attack” charm which managed to incapacitate a giant squid in one hit. The two of them are definitely in a sworn brotherhood with each other, but it seems unlikely that they are in a brotherhood with Quartz.
*The Graceful Dolphin stopped in Wavecrest. They found a Wood aspected Lost Egg named Ko Tatka in Wavecrest.
*Thunder and Lenta do not like Wavecrest. Quartz almost stayed there.
*Quartz really doesn't like Skullstone.
*Ko Tatka and Thunder had a carving contest. Both respected each other. Stormwalker and Ko Tatka have some of the same interests. Quartz isn't very friendly.
*Ko Tatka was washed overboard during a storm. Stormwalker gave him up for lost, but Thunder insisted on searching the nearest island. Thunder thinks that the forests are the best place to look for Ko Tatka. Stormwalker thinks searching the island is a bad idea.
*Thunder, Pebble, and Ko Tatka can each drink Stormwalker under the table. He was not pleased to find this out. Thunder apparently knows a really good hangover cure.
*Lenta is the best lookout that Stormwalker has ever seen. If it weren't for her brother, he might have been tempted to take advantage of her curiousity.
*Lenta apparently isn't as airheaded as she may seem.
*There are a number of interesting geomantic sites on the island which they are searching. Lenta needs to be reminded why they're there.
*Quartz made a couple of converts on the island. Guess he isn't completely useless after all.
*The Free Town on the island is a decent place, but none of the people have seen Ko.
*There's another town near the Free Town. It's a mining town, and they have guards out. Probably because of the ruby mine.
*Stormwalker thinks they're searching the wrong part of the island.

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