Skill List

Skill List!

  1. Guns: Pistols, Rifles, SMG's
  2. Energy Weapons: Laser, Plasma
  3. Explosives: Grenades, C4, Dynamite, Mines
  4. Medicine: First Aid, Surgery
  5. Repair: Fixing Stuff
  6. Science!: Computers, Electronics
  7. Security: Lockpick, Traps
  8. Sneak: Well, duh.
  9. Survival
  10. Socialize: Barter, Speech, Diplomacy, Seduction
  11. Athletics: Unarmed, Melee, Physical Endurance
  12. Big Guns: Missile Launchers, Minigun, Gatling Laser, Fat Man
  13. Vehicles: Drive, Pilot, Sail
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