Samantha Fawkes (Rachel)

Fallout Fate Character Sheet:

Your Pip Boy
1- Terminal Hacker.

1- Silver Tongued Devil
2- Curiosity kills the Cybercat.
3- Opportunity knocks.

Prepare Yourself for Outside
1- Jill Mnemonic.
2- Mnemonic Device (tied to Mac)
3- First to come back.

Great (+4): Security
Good (+3): Science, Socialize
Bad (+2): Repair, Big Guns, Survival (change big guns to guns?)
Average (+1): Vehicle, Athletics, Explosives, Medicine


  1. Black Widow
  2. Cherez La Femme
  3. Cult of Personality
  4. Computer Whiz

Rachel's Sheet - WIP

When vault children were first given independent study allowances (during the time of the Third Overseer when the permission for Experiments was also given) Samantha was just a young girl. She remembered [Ben’s Character] becoming immediately intrigued with the works by Houdini and the vault computer was intelligent enough to make very accurate suggestions for further reading. Most children, like Victor and Mac began immediately scooping up large amounts of science allowances, a few taking advantage of the “physical education alternative” offered.
Samantha, on the other hand, began to read about political science and psychology. Her mother, a key engineer, had been shunned from friends and family after being “knocked up” by her father whom came from a family of loggers. Still pregnant, her depression led her to Stimpack and Med-Ex abuse that eventually killed her just a few days after Sam got her Pipboy. Later, during her trial, a small and inefficient defense was offered hypothesizing that it was this chemical imbalance that turned her into a sociopath. Even though the theory was dismissed, many still blame this early drug exposure for Sam’s criminal career.
Her mother claimed that the day the vault doors were opened, all Men would be Made Equal and that the shame that had caused her so much pain would be impossible. The way Mother said that, it reminded Sam of a religious prayer so in her mind, it was always in capital letters. Sam was not content to wait for the day when the vault doors may be opened, as Mother never was clear on who she expected to open them or from which direction she expected them to be opened from.
She ran into a few blocked files regarding subliminal messaging, the Enclave and a few key psychological principals which she had seen referenced in other material. She began to study computer systems, and when she was given her Pipboy she already had completed blueprints for augmentations to the device to allow her to hack computers and gain access to these files. It was not long before Sam began her social experiments, as she thought of them. After all, it was the time of the Experiments- why shouldn’t she? A little suggestion here, a whispered word there, a dropped note… even the subtle use of aromatherapy- Sam employed more and more of what she learned, to greater and greater effect. Puberty hit, and she found a whole new set of weapons in her armory. Soon, she was manipulating instructors and security guards and even the Head Archivist.
She became what she would call ‘friends’ with [Ben’s Character] since their interests seem to… collide on the occasional mission. This turned out to be the pivotal point in her development. Sam’s feelings of friendship turned jealous when [Ben’s Character] began to spend time with his girlfriend. One night, after [Ben’s Character] stood Sam up during an excursion into one of the lower levels, Sam became cold with rage. [Ben’s Character] told her the next day that his girlfriend’s pet had just died, and he wished to consol her. Not safe to communicate in the vault by Pipboy, he could not warn her. Sam smiled an icy smile and told him it was nothing.
Over the next three weeks she slowly manipulated the girlfriend into a deep depression, finally combining her hacking skills and psychology skills to send a fake message from [Ben’s Character] breaking up with her just at the same time she managed to make the Med-X machine malfunction in the limits on dosage. Sam was in the cafeteria when it was announced that they had found the body. Suicide was not uncommon in the vault, but always difficult on a population that is so intimate. Sam slowly chewed her food thinking that 200 year old Instant Mash never tasted so good. Absently, her training in psychology noted this moment when she Crossed the Threshold. She swallowed, wondering when her sociopathic episodes had earned the right of Religious Capitalization, but the thought was gone with a quick bite of Sugar Bombs.
Unfortunately, Sam had not planned on the event effecting [Ben’s Character] the way it did. He became that much more desperate to leave the vault. Despite the fact that all those criminals that were exiled never made it back to claim their sanctuary in exchange for a scouting report, he became obsessed. When Sam refused to assist in hacking the outer vault door for him, trying to distract him with her plan to break into the administration office and place lipstick prints on the wine glasses in a complex attempt to upgrade her living quarters, [Ben’s Character] instead turned her in, using it as a distraction to buy more time for picking the vault doors.
When Sam was first apprehended, she was not alarmed. Then they examined her Pipboy and she knew it was over for her. She was eventually charged with 15 counts of manslaughter and 6 counts of treason among her litany of 237 charges. She was punished “by the rules”, in a completely unjust fashion [as she expected] and she was punished twice. Given to the Experiments, they first created cyber implants to augment her sociopathic and manipulative abilities and perfect her for recognizance and then sent her on a ‘scouting mission’- effective to exile. Her crimes were so horrible, neither punishment was enough alone. She was a perfect sociopathic spy.
None of that mattered now, she made it back. She was the first to come back, and her implants had allowed for not only her survival but irrevocable proof that some sort of civilization exists outside the vault walls. Although law now states that she is exonerated for her past, she cannot help but feel uncomfortable in the vault. She was augmented for life outside the vault, and although all was supposedly forgiven- none of it was forgotten. On a good day, she is only spat upon. On bad days, she carries parts of her body back to Victor or Mac for replacement or repair after some vault residents take justice into their own hands. When the opportunity to leave the vault again presented itself, there was no question if she would leave.

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