Realms And Regions

Kingdom of Aerye

Culture: Eastern European

The main Kingdom of the Archipelagoes. At one time, the entirety of the islands were ruled from Tal Arbi, the fortress city that sits at the foot of Mount Olympus, only connection to the Realm of Olympia, home of the Gods. Now, however, the Priest King seems distracted, and his generals are not sly enough to maintain the status of the Kingdom.

Scot's Pass, now known as Eurynome's Tear, or just Tear
A city which was previously the last stop from Tal Arbi to Tchar, only city of the Elves. Wiped out in the first days of the Invasion by Orcs, and then by Eurynome and Jove's response to the slaughter of their children. It has been reborn at the hands of a group of adventurers from Voder's Crossing, and the fellows they have collected as a Free Township, under Riddlemark's protection, separate from the now-shattered Empire of Aerye. These heroes have also opened the town to any and all who wish for a new beginning in their lives, leading to an influx of the disenchanted, persecuted, and visionary. The current Markgraf is a man by the name of Emeric, who has a writ from Ignatie Bollomir himself over the seal of the Hand of God. The town is dominated by Halfling refugees from Jovan religious wars.
Voder's Crossing
The birthplace of heroes.

Sultanates of the Talons

Culture: Turkish

The Talons are a set of islands ruled by a Sultan, whose son recently rebelled against him. As the outside world watches this rebellion, hints of there being darker reasons than the openly stated righting of old wrongs come forth.

Baronies of Solom

Culture: Greek

The Barons have fled to their smaller islands. First the rape and plunder of the Orcs decimated their armies, and the Deep Ones their navies, then the Jovian military took their Dwarven made weapons and brutally tore the Solomites from their place on the main island. If they can get their act together, there are no better sailors in the Archipelagoes.

States of Tsuber

Culture: Italian

The Tsuberian culture is, for all intensive purposes, extinct. The Orcs swept them off their isle like chaff off of a bag of wheat.


Culture: Gaelic

The Torric states have merged. The war with the Elder forces caused them to lay aside old conflicts and merge as a single entity under their Circle of Seven, the highest ranking priestesses on the island. This has made them a truly brutal force, as the faith of the Torric people is such that approximately 1 in 3 has some clerical ability. They feel they are the chosen of the Three, and may not be wrong.

Protectorate of Jova

Culture: Eastern European w/ Inquisition-period Spain overtones

The Protectorate of Jove is dominated by Jovian Priests, and their High Priest's vision that the Three are an abomination, and that only Jove is a true God, and only he is worthy of worship. This controversial view is unfortunately backed by the gunpowder weaponry of Dwarven manufacture that they gained access to in the Invasion. They have now started a war of genocide with Dwarves, halflings, and Elves.


Black Isles

Culture: Orcish—emphasis on might makes right and Elder Gods worship.

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