Patrick Holland (Ben)

Fallout Fate Character Sheet:

Your Pip Boy
1- Let me show you something…

1- The Vault Boy Field Guide
2- Don't Fence Me In.
3- I'm going for a walk. (Tied to Sam)

Prepare Yourself for Outside
1- There and back again (Tied to Sterling)
2- Keep it simple, Schmitty. (Ties to Mac)
3- Nothing can stop me now.

Great (+4): Survival
Good (+3): Sneak, Guns
Fair (+2): Athletics, Vehicles, Security
Average (+1): Socialize, Science, Repair, Medicine


  1. Infiltrator (+1 lockpicking, +1 doors)
  2. Natural Wonders (Survival instead of medicine for drugs)
  3. Explorer (+1 for scavanging in the wilderness)
  4. Pathfinder

Aspect Notesd
Your PIP-Boy
Patrick's Maternal Great, Great Grandfather was William Salmons, a local hunting, fishing, and backpacking guide who befriended some of orginal engineers. His stories about the places he has been were favorite stories for his daugher, granddaughter, and great grand daughter, Brittany Holland, Mistress of the Vault West Mess Hall. (Aspects: Seasoned Storyteller, Variety is the Spice of Life, Barstool confadant, and Hearth is home). His father Dutch Holland is one of the Vault West teachers, (Aspects: "Let me show you something…", "The future is bright", "Solid Foundation", and "Doomed to repeat it"). They feed Patrick a steady dose of stories of the world that was. His birthday present of a pip-boy was the second most exciting day of his life, his parents started by showing him a few articles, and soon Patrick was goging himself on everything he could of the outside world.
Aspect: "Let me show you something"
Aspect Notes: A fundamental curiosity, and desire to share what he has found is a corner stone of Patrick's personality.
Invoke This Aspect to: Have Pat poke his nose into something he oughtn't; Go to someone with his latest discovery

G.O.A.T. #1
The best discovery by far though was The Vault Boy Field Guide. It was the fuel for his imagination and play, and he often spent time reading, and re-reading it.
Aspect: "Vault Boy Field Guide"
Aspect Notes: While he isn't a buy the book guy, a lot of his decision making and risk assessment came from the Field Guide. And while the Field Guide doesn't account for Bighorns, it does have a chapter on large predators. And all of those chapters talk about how important the vault is.
Invoke this Aspect to: Follow a meticulous camping routine, respond to an uncertain situation in a careful manner, put the Vault first.

G.O.A.T. #2
Showing no particular aptitutde as he was going through school, his father began laying the foundation for Patrick to end up as a teacher via the G.O.A.T test. Patrick didn't find school very engaging, and as graduation came closer and closer, he spent a greater amount of time finding a way out of the Vault. Eventually, the year of the G.O.A.T he found a way, overjoyed he shared this information with the friens he trusted and he figured would naturally want the chance to crack the seal. It would just take some time.
Aspect: "Don't Fence Me In"
Aspect Notes: This aspect sums up Patrick's desire to be free, and the fact that fate always seems to limit his options.
Invoke this aspect to: Make good his escape, find an unorthodox solution, have options taken away from him

G.O.A.T. #3
When Jane committed suicide due to Samantha's manipulations, Pat was the initial subject of much hostility. He did not deal well, and instead redoubled his efforts to escape the vault, the recrimination, and the emotions he had no basis of dealing with. The problem with sneaking off kept on circling back to needing a suitable distraction, but making sure it wasn't one that damaged the Vault West. At some point, Pat became suspicious of Samantha's involvement with Jane, and while he didn't have proof, he had his patsy. Even though it was dangerous, and not at all like what he expected, Patrick reveled in finally being outside. When he first slipped free, he planned on returning by nightfall, but it wasn't so bad out there after all. So he found a safe spot, and made a campsite. From that campsite, he started to do circling hikes around the area, at first half day routes then longer circles. Though he never got more than 15 miles from the Vault, he walked and walked.
Aspect: "I'm Going for A Walk"
Aspect Notes: This aspect has a few notes to it. If a situation is too tough, Pat needs to get his distance from it, if his anger boils over, he will storm off. And woe to anyone that tries to stop him. On the other side, nothing is so great as a stroll through a new valley or hike up a mountain, being able to get next to something and take it in with all the senses.
Invoke this aspect to: Hoof it somewhere, deal with mental stress, make Pat go off alone.

Prep #1
He would have likely stayed out as long as he could, to test himself and what he had spent so long studying, but one day when he returned from his walk he found Sterling waiting at the campsite for him. Apparently he had been listening when Pat went on and on about his escape plans. He was also worried, as were others. It had been barely a week, and everyone had figured him lost in the lower levels. The Vault figured the guilt over Jane, the stress of the G.O.A.T, and the commotion over Sam had gotten to him. Pat let them think that, took his makeup G.O.A.T. and ended up with the skewed result he expected, "Park Ranger". A ridiculous option, but with the LEET nearing completion and scientists eager for local samples, Patrick was given a pass out.
Aspect: "There and Back Again"
Aspect Notes:
Invoke this aspect to: Make a journey, Return. Help another do so. Fulfill a promise.

Prep #2
During that first terrified week he ran into the mutated wildlife, that thankfully had a limited sense of smell or lousy sight. He was unarmed, so he hid, and when he returned to the Vault he set about securing a weapon. The energy weapons were to loud and noisy, Some of the tools had a good heft, and there were plenty of things that could be made sharp, but Patrick needed something a little more serious. So, he went to his mechancialy minded friend Mac, and presented the problem to him. A mistake to be sure, but a minor one. After a few dozen drafts, ten or so started projects, Patrick got Mac to settle on a relatively straight forward crossbow.
Aspect: Keep it Simple, Schmitty
Aspect notes:
Invoke this aspect to: Go with an elegant, simple solution.

Prep #3
When the VLOCA(Vault Library of Congress Archive) went down, the Vault Overseer finally set plans into motion to send out a group to scour the local area. Pat was a natural choice for the team. Still, there was some fierce jockeying and positioning for the spots. To cement his selection, Pat went to the Vault Overseer and pointed out all the files, books, and maps that were still saved on his pipboy and personal console the comprehensive list paled the collection of all other data. Pat's inclusion onto the team was his price for sharing.
Aspect: Nothing Can Stop Me Now
Aspect Notes: Much like Don't Fence Me In, this aspect changes upon inflection. It can be the rallying cry of triumph, or the preamble to defeat.
Invoke this aspect to: Get his way after significant groundwork has been laid. Suffer a fall from hubris.

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