More Dwarven Details

Dwarven Holts extend into the Shadowlands, and the worst penalities they place on their own is if someone defies the runes placed for forbidden areas, which inevitably are places the Elves have sent messages are not to be delved into. There are rich veins of various metals that the mine just stopped, even if it is obvious that there is still metal to be had, and the symbol for forbidden is carved into the wall. The least of these penalties is exile.

Dwarves do not have many priests. It is thought that perhaps their pursuit of craft replaces outright devotion to the Gods, and so the Gods gift them with skills others cannot achieve instead of with spells and miracles. Jovian priests of the New Order have been heard to say that it is because they are abhuman miscreants, but that does not seem to be a widely held view.

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