Mac Hedrume (Robin)

Fallout Fate Character Sheet:

Your Pip Boy
1- Seeking the Elusive Perfection.

1- Duct Tape and Bubble Gum.
2- Mack the Knife.
3- No one beats my brother but ME.

Prepare Yourself for Outside
1- Where did that come from?!
2- So you CAN take a punch. (tied to Sterling)
3- Mnemonic Enhancer (tied to Samantha)

Great (+4): Repair
Good (+3): Athletics, Sneak
Bad (+2): Vehicles, Science, Medicine
Average (+1): Energy Weapons, Big Guns, Socialize, Survival


  1. Have a Thing - Stealth Armor
  2. Silent Running
  3. Mister Fix-It
  4. Jury Rigging

Robin's CH Sheet WIP

Meredith “Mac” Schmitt

(Your PIP Boy)
1) “Too Easy!”
1) Duct Tape and Chewing Gum
2) Mac the Knife
3) No one can beat on my brother but me (w/Victor)
(Prepare Yourself for Outside)
1) Where did that come from?
2) Comrades in Arms (w/Sterling) “Someone's Gotta Give”
3) Mnemonic Device Enhancer

+4 1. Repair
+3 1. Athletics 2. Sneak
+2 1. Science! 2. Medicine 3. Vehicles
+1 1. Energy Weapons 2. Big Guns 3. Socialize 4. Survival

Black Knight Armor (have a thing)
Mister Fix-It (same as Mister Fix-It, Spirit of the Century, p 149)
Jury Rigging (same as Thump of Restoration, Spirit of the Century, p. 149)
Silent Running (???)

Aspect Notes:

Your PIP Boy
Story Title: On His Merry Way
Description: Precocious boys get bored. They invent games for routine chores. Mac was no different. Upon receiving his PIP Boy, Mac decided that the normal version was too boring, so modified the case by adding Nuka-Cola Quantum (creating the “PIP-N” version). Using the PIP boy for it's intended purpose = too easy. Modifying the case by cracking it open and pouring soda in = fairly easy. Modifying the case in a way that prevents the Nuka-Cola from getting to the insides = not as easy as Mac expected. Surviving a week of school without a working PIP boy while Dad fixes it = not as easy as Mac made it look.
Aspect: “Too Easy!”
Aspect Notes: The older Mac is still prone to artificially making things hard on himself if the task seems too easy. He may do this by adding artificial constraints (messenger job? Let's take the long way around) or by not doing things the way that they are meant to be done (just use that path? No, let's go over the wall). He's not stupid; he'll only do this with tasks he'd expect to complete even with the constraint, don't involve others, and aren't dangerous. The problem happens when things aren't as easy as they look or don't turn out the way he expects, especially when he boasts about it.
Invoke this aspect to- Have Mac give himself a problem on a task that is much harder than it appears; Allow someone to walk in on Mac doing something embarrassing (Mac, why are you jumping from desk to desk?); Suggest that Mac ignore the obvious way of completing a problem; Solve a problem in an unconventional way; Mitigate the effects of artificial constraints; etc.

G.O.A.T. 1
Story Title: Drink, Eat, and be Merry
Description: GOAT results place Mac as a hydraulic door repairman. When a malfunctioning door and a drunken partner trap Mac in a storage room, he has to use the materials on hand to get himself out.
Aspect: Duct Tape and Chewing Gum
Aspect Notes: MacGyver combined with all of the issues of someone who is improvising solutions.
Invoke this aspect to – Improvise a solution; Suffer consequences due to a previous improvisation.

G.O.A.T. 2
Story Title: Merry Meet, Again (Unfair Science Fair)
Description: Mac and Victor are competing in a Science Fair. They seem evenly matched, but both end up losing to Troy. It's revealed that Troy won due to his connections rather than his talents.
Aspect: No one can beat on my brother but me
Aspect Notes: Comrades naturally fight, but resent it when others butt in.
Invoke this aspect to – Bring up friction within the team; Cause Mac to want to defend a teammate from an outsider; Help defend a teammate against an outsider.

G.O.A.T. 3
Story Title: The Edge of Merry-ment
Description: Mac shows off for a girl by killing a bunch of rad-roaches using a knife and stealth rather than using ranged weapons. When another one of that girl's admirers is found dead from a knife wound, Mac has to prove his innocence. His findings (it was an accident), while enough to avoid a conviction, are not persuasive enough to convince everyone of his innocence.
Aspect: Mac the Knife
Aspect Notes: The original Macheath was more of a dashing highwayman than a sinister murderer. In addition to the edged weapon reference, this aspect kicks in when Mac does something dashing that is interpreted in a more sinister fashion.
Invoke this aspect to – Gain a bonus to using edged melee weapons; Cause problems due to a misinterpretation of Mac's actions (to a more sinister bent); Point out that Mac has quite a unique set of characteristics (for good or bad); Intimidate people who are aware of his reputation.

Prep For Outside 1
Story Title: Circle Squared
Description: Mac finally gets to choose his project, and he picks Stealth Power Armor. When the combination turns out to be incompatible, Mac makes some compromises that probably wouldn't have occurred to anyone else.
Aspect: Where Did That Come From?
Aspect Notes: Aside from the obvious reference to the stealth armor, this aspect also can be tagged for surprises.
Invoke this aspect to – Help Mac come at someone from an unexpected direction (physical or mental); Bring up an “obvious” problem that Mac hadn't thought of; Have something come from an unexpected direction at Mac.

Prep For Outside 2
Story Title: Science Cubed
Description: Mac is assigned to a team to enhance Samantha. The 3 factions (Natural, Hard, and Soft) each take a different viewpoint on how best to do the enhancement. Hijinks ensue.
Aspect: Mnemonic Device Enhancer
Aspect Notes: I got nothing and I need to come up with what this actually does.

Prep For Outside 3
Story Title: Aiming Forth
Description: The team members for the expedition get to know each other. Mac creates a crossbow for Patrick. When Mac offers a copy of his armor to Sterling, Sterling takes it badly and a fight breaks out. A few hours later, after the two have realized they are evenly matched, they become friends.
Aspect: Someone's Gotta Give
Aspect Notes: Couple of ways to go a this. The first way is a play on “Something's gotta give”, representing two people/factions/sides who are stubborn and refuse to give ground. The second way is the thought of gifts being given that are not desired or appreciated.
Invoke this aspect to – Waste time due to stubbornness; Result in an eventual compromise; Help construct or introduce something that is mostly appropriate (but not completely appropriate) for someone else; Have a gift backfire.

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