Erich DeVough - Long Lived Archaelogist, Adventurer, and Hero.

Orgins & History:
There are many heroes in the world over, masters of magic, the super-human, the possessors of technology, and even the strangers from other planets and realms. Erich is unique in his ease of shifting from sphere to sphere, though belonging in full to none. An archaeologist and adventurer trained in the 20s, Erich earned the name Legend during the depression when he found his first artifact in the American South West – a strange metallic whip that crackled with enough energy to power New York City. While many doubted his outlandish story of the unearthly home to the whip, the papers and radio took and spread the tail like wild fire. Discontent with what would be the find of a lifetime Legend always remained on the move looking for locations of Legend and fable, and places that should not be. During the WW2 his pursuit for these locations often saw him set against the Third Reich. While he may of made his name early, it was these races of will and wiles that earned him the name and recognition as a hero. After the conclusion of the war, Legend started to take his time in selecting sites, and undertook a thorough documentation of his discoveries, revisiting the locations that he could, though few others have seen his journals.
While he lacks the sheer power of many of the other Heroes, nor possessing a great drive to seek out villains, Erich does have a strong sense of justice and has always stepped forward to save people near his current location. He has long ago grappled with the notion that sometimes violence is the only solution, but it doesn't mean he likes it. He has long since made himself, and his extensive knowledge of things both arcane and alien to other heroes. On occasion he has also found need to call upon their aide as well, as he's a tendency to unearth what was meant to remain buried.

The Last 2 Years:

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