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  1. Why do people wash up on certain days of the year?


  1. Northern Ghost Forest - contained First Age Bunker. (finished)
    • More structures on island?
  2. Striped Beach - seems to be a trap for souls, been in use by Skullstone. Must discover secret to this power and stop it. (Finished - See Blob in Sphere)
  3. Released and recaptured, now on display in Crystal Eye's lab.
    • Stop Skullstone minion from gathering souls.
    • Killed Expedition
    • Recieved Emissary, got directions to an artifact to deal with the regal - Either Backfired, or was trap
    • Rebuffed Emissary who wanted to invade Bellesai's Island
  4. Southern Ghost Forest - First Age radar station (finished)
    • Are there any more stations?
  5. Regal Appeared After CRYSTAL was activated.
    • Raided Tuvika's former incarnation stronghold on Skullstone's suggestion
    • Freed a Fey Aspect of Kelpwine's incarnation.
    • Recieved much wish fufillment from the Regal
    • Recaptured Kelpwine's fey incarnation with Foxxy and Tuvika's help
  6. Realm Ship
    • Befriended Silent Guide and Thunder
    • Found Ko on the Island, discovered he was being watched over by a fox Lunar
    • Released the pair in Wavecrest
  7. Foxxy, Righteous Dog's Mate
    • Remains Cryptic and distant from the rest of the circle.
  8. Pier Island to the north
    • Discovered first age structure that moves the island
    • Two Dormant Volcanoes are tied to this device
    • Sailing the Island Around Now
  9. Other half of Island
    • Kelpwine thinks he obliterated a boring town that was controlled/established by a powerful exalted
    • Rest of the region still isn't fully explored.
  10. Elementals - why the conflict between water and air?
    • Bribed Water Elementals in exacting retribution against Coral
    • Hired Water Elementals to act as a buoy and messenger for our old location
  11. Tablet of Manses - Obtained from Thunder & Silent Guide
    • Visited a fire manse of an artifact bridled volcano. (Destroyed the artifact) (Assumed manse)
    • Visited a water manse amidst a maze-armada of derilict and sunken vessels
  12. Hired a Merchant named Benvolio to act as a manager of resources
    • Found him working against Kelpwine's interests, was executed
    • Executed form appears to of been an illusion
    • Benvollio's daughter, Miranda, Adopted by Tuvika
    • Shin Long(?)'s disapperence and apparantly being stalked by creepy seagulls.
  13. Exchanged a tit-for-tat raiding with Coral
  14. Got Cheated by a Minor Volcano god,
    • Obtained a Ruby from "Ignis" a (ex)retired Yun-Shan functionary for dealing with offending god.


  1. Takeover Town near Flotsam
  2. Wavecrest Trade Mission - We want soil and other natural resources to build up the island
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