5/5/12 - An Apple a Day - Long-odd chasing metal vulture Red Macintosh was slain in the streets of the Bazaar by thugs on contract to Jitterbug heavy-hitter Alley Cat. Mossburg's irregular regulars avenged the now rotting apple, killing two of the no-necks, and selling a no-leg into slavery. They tracked down Macintosh's pad, rifled through the stuff, tracked down one of the smaller bugs, and pieced together why the Cat was so keen to play William Tell-no-one. The Jitterbug has been misbehaving, and might be one of the biggest pirates at large with a shiny chrome reputation. ‘Ol Apple busted in on the Jitterbug’s Jitter-Hive in the middle of the Thyphoid belts, and that secret couldn't be let out.

Now our heroes inherited the secret, and twice the trouble.

Philamina +2 Circumstance Bonus involving the Jitterbug Rocket.
Houdini +2 Circumstance Bonus on astrogation (transferable)
Money Vesuvian Nightvision binoculars.

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