The day Hilo and its surrounding towns became Highway is favorite topic of debate among old timers and barflys.

Navigational Landmarks:
Docks - South-Eastern part of Highway. Where the boats, zepplins, and airplanes come and go, dolling out the wonders of the star system to earth.
Pads - Northern part of Highway. Great flat sections that launch the rockets to the heavens.
Bazaar - Central between Dock's and Pads, several open markets.
Green Onion - Mossburger's bar. Beachside of the Bazaar.
Husk - Picked over remains of a great ship that crashed in 1888.

Other Landmarks:
Signpost - Library/Map Collective. Members pay annual dues and contribute charts.
Promenade - Section of beachfront along the Bazaar, a premium location. Near the Green Onion
University of Hawaii - Great Pyramid, said to be a flying machine. Created and run by Nikoli Tesla. Volcano side of makets.
Gregarian Gradeschool -
Edison Highschool -
Tinkerer's Alley
3-Piece Alley - Vacation homes for executives.
Salvage Yard - Building off the pads towards the Volcano's, great pile of the broken and discarded rockets. Populated by the broken and discarded captains.
Ring - Pads side, multi-species fighting arena.
Missionary Quarter - Hub of religious missionaries. Pad's side.
Cathedral Square - Catholic compound, recently erected. Dock's side.
The Well - Pad's Cantina.
Sleuce - Cove off the pads filled with the run off from all the rockets. High toxic.
Ray's Fine Firearms Emporium - Port Side Gunshop
Dorothy's - Dockside Tourist Bar
Brayer's - Pads Side Porter's Bar.
Kraken - Bizarre Bazaar Strip Club
Cane Club - Far side of dock's, High End club & hotel.
The Pens - Farside of the Pads, Rockets temporary parking.

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