Graceful Dolphin Salvage

Salvaging of the ship turned up:

General note- The captain's cabin was the most intact, although some of the blast seeped in and seared/scorched items. The hold was fairly undamaged, but the water pouring in did a great job of ruining items. It appears that a part of the hold may (from what you can reconstruct) have been divided into temporary quarters for 2-3 people. One of the rooms that you'd expect to be normal crew quarters was damaged prior to the fight (you think, because it appears to be the wrong type of damage and the wrong direction).

*about 3 months worth of mundane ship supplies (food, water, spare sails, rope, etc) for a ship of this class
*a broken chest from the hold (waterlogged) full of scrolls (also waterlogged and mostly illegible) and clothes (of the style favored by Dragon blooded, mix of male and female). Notably, the scrolls were not written with waterproof ink, and the clothes were not packed as a sailor would have packed them.
*a wooden bust of a male human. Not someone you've seen before
*an unfinished carving of a bust
*sleeping pads, blankets, and other accommodations for a 5 person crew - most of this is singed, wet, and really not any better than what you already have. Exception to this is the set from the Captain's quarters, which were salvaged in relatively good condition.
*a giant eye (about human-chest sized) in a glass container - Used by Eyes
*10 ft of salted tentacle from what you'd guess was a giant squid - Used by Eyes
*a completely undamaged copy of one of the Immaculate Texts, which seems to have somehow come through perfectly dry
*several bottles of good wine
*the remaining half a barrel of rum that one of your crewmen reported “doesn't taste right”
*the Captain's journal and logs (mostly intact) - this is the Stormwalker Journal
*Resources 2 worth of coins in various currencies - Used by Eyes
*4 tetsubos (2 broken, 2 in useable but damaged condition)
*38 well-oiled metal chakram
*1 sling made out of “leather” from some aquatic creature
*the soaked remains of what may have been a portrait of someone (about 3 feet by 5 feet)
*a stone tablet with runes on it
*3 bottles of (not waterproof!) ink
*an incomplete set of surgery or torturing tools
*a set of dice (carved out of some white stone)
*2 short chopping swords

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