Firearms: The Use and Implementation:

These rules are adapted from those contained in Iron Kingdoms RPG from Privateer Press. Thanks guys—these are the best ones I have seen yet.

Ability to use these weapons is dependent on having the skills and feats that go with them. Appropriately, here are the previously mentioned items…

Use of a firearm requires the feat 'Exotic Weapon: Small Arms', which will be added to the feats available to all characters. It also requires the 'Craft: Small Arms' skill, which will allow you to reload, clear misfires, and clean a small firearm to keep it in working condition. It does not allow you make firearms or blasting powder—just to maintain and use a firearm.

Use of cannons and large blasting powder weapons requires the feat 'Exotic Weapon: Cannon' and the 'Craft: Cannoneer' skill, with the same relationship.

Creating firearms requires skills not available to PCs, and blasting powder requires a 'Craft: Alchemy' of at least 7.

Firearms always have 2 dice of damage, and a critical rating of 19-20/x3. They will have a 'reload rating' shown as * S/DC * , where * S is the number of standard actions it takes to reload the weapon ( * F would indicate how many full round actions it would take to reload) and DC * is the difficulty of the craft roll to reload successfully.

Ammunition costs 6-10 gold per charge for a pistol, and 8-12 for a rifle, depending on where you are. A cannon load ranges from 20 gold per shot on up, depending on the size of the piece and the type of shot. Ammunition is rendered useless if it is gotten wet, or the paper tube it is packed in becomes torn (takes any damage whatsoever). Blasting powder burns fiercely, but only explodes if confined. Most shot is a simple lead or bronze ball. Some options may become available with time. Cannons, of course, fire a much more massive shot, and thus can more easily fire other forms of projectiles.

Sample Firearms:

Small Pistol: approximately 9" long. 400 gold, 2d4 piercing, reload 1S/DC6, range 40', 4 lbs.

Dwarven Military Pistol: 12" long, 600 gold, 2d6 piercing, reload 1S/DC8, range 80', 5 lbs.

Jovian Rifle: 3-4' long, 1200 gold, 2d6 piercing, reload 2S/DC10, range 160', 15 lbs.

Dwarven Military Rifle: 36"-40" long, 1800 gold, 2d8 piercing, reload 2S/DC12, range 200', 20 lbs.

Field Cannon: Ones found most often on Jovian warships and being hauled by infantry, or in border forts of lower significance, 3000 gold, 2d12 piercing, reload 3F/DC12, range 150', 250 lbs.

Great Cannon: A new type of cannon envisioned by the Protectorate, and rare indeed. There are 7 currently made (1 in each port, and 4 overlooking Gul Darn and the pass it commands). The dwarves feel it is overlarge, as it requires 4-6 men to move even short distances, 15000 gold, 5d12 Piercing, reload 5F/DC12, range 300', 1500 lbs.

New Skills:

Craft: Cannoneer (Int, Trained Only)—A successful check means the cannon is reloaded properly in the time given. An unsuccessful check means they must try again. A miss by 5 or more ruins the ammunition as well.

Craft: Small Arms (Int, Trained Only)—As above, but applies to small arms.

Craft: Gunsmithing (Int, Trained Only)—see written notes with DM.

Craft: Alchemy (Int, Trained Only)—see PHB.

New Feats:

Bayonet Charge: Prereq: Dex 13, Dodge, Mobility, Point Blank Shot: If armed with a loaded firearm and using the Charge action, you can fire the weapon at point blank range and make a charge attack with the bayonet, provided you may reach the opponent on the charge.

Sample Penalties to Craft: Small Arms

+5DC to move from 1 standard action to 1 movement action on reloading
+2DC for moving while loading
+5DC for loading in a downpour
+25DC to load underwater

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