Session One

One year past the storm which brought the alchemist, warrior, and huntress to my isle, the storm reappeared, and we found that it was an air elemental, who was trying to kill the water elemental whose charge was the spring which feeds my city. We interrupted him, and defeated him. The water elemental knows who is in charge around here, too.

We then went looking for debris from the storm, and found that someone had indeed washed up. They lost us in the ghost forest, but Crystaleyes found out what the forest was hiding. I garnered a new orichalcum breastplate and daiklave from the First Age bunker we found in the center. We must check the other forest now.

Earned 3 xp.

Session Two

Dog finally caught up to us in the forest. We never did find the castaway, but returned home. 2 ships passed the town while we were away, 1 Skullstone, and 1 Realm. We decided to track and pursue the Skullstone vessel, and found them pulling ghosts from the strangely striated beach at the northeats corner of the island. Dog told them to leave my island, and an Abyssal interfered. We beat him up for a good long while, and then he finally ran and suicided. Not sure what he may have told Skullstone. We took his bireme, claimed it for my navy, and renamed it the Burnt Offering. Now, we head home to deal with the Immaculate who have invaded my home.

Earned 3 xp.

Session Three

We found that the Dragonblooded Immaculates were looking for a Lost Egg, a renegade Exalt. We tracked back to their yacht, and attempted to sneak aboard. I made too much of a splash, and they spotted me. I told them to leave, but they reacted in an uppity manner, forcing me to engage. They nearly killed Dog, but Crystaleyes blew up the yacht trying to get the other 3, and I killed the Water Exalt Captain Stormwalker, and took his belongings. We are now going to take Dog home, and heal him up, while trying to track the other 3 (an Air-touched, Earth-touched, and a Wood-touched), and also find the Lost Egg.

Earned 5 xp.

Session Four

Tuva found 2 of the 4 dragonbloods on my island. We found them at the center of the southern forest, and managed to fall into good terms. Dog has started having flashes of memory from the First Age like the rest of us - but if he starts claiming this island is 'his' again, we'll have more than words. Apparently, the south forest has some form of essence driven enemy detector. Dog also had some form of vision while he slept - and shared it with CrystalEyes somehow. They say that something bad is coming. We'll see. Spotted something on the essence screen that was marked as a new 'blip' (CrystalEyes' term - no idea what that is supposed to mean). Leaving now with Tuva to intercept it.

Earned 5 xp.

Session Five

Tuva's experienced tracking combined with my navigational expertise leds us straight to this thing - whatever it may be. A huge sphere with spiderlike legs, it seemed determined to work its way into the volcano. We buried it to prevent this, but CrystalEyes found that purifying the orichalcum of which it is made allowed ghosts out of it. This does not bode well. We will come back in the morning to deal with it.

Earned 4xp.

Session Six

Released the creature in the sphere today. Vile mass of tentacles like three octopi smashed together and tied together with black essence. We killed it in due course, and now we must find a way to reimprison it. Hopefully, we can recover some of the orichalcum in the process. As CrystalEyes determines the best way to do that, we will continue learning all we know about the jade tablet we gained from the Dragonbloods. Tuva tells me that there is no sign of the Immaculate Monk - it is as though he never emerged from the sea after the boat was blown up. Now, she is searching for the 'lost egg'.

Earned 4 xp.

Session Seven

Spent some time tracing manses on the island, and Dog was reunited with his Lunar mate. Found Ko, and have begun healing him.

Session Eight

Our firedust shipment is late. Upon going out to find it, we find that Coral privateers have taken it. Our reaction is appropriate. We track the pirate back to his home, kill him, takje his ship, and take back our stuff as well as a small tariff.

Earned 4 xp.

Session Nine

We take Thunder and Silent Guide to Wavecrest, where we both drop them off and buy a new vessel, to supplement our fleet, as well as a large purchase of goods not easily acquired on the isle. We also gather new sailors, and make it clearly known that we will take on even women in my fleet. We return to Flotsam to find that Coral has raided us. We will now be seeking revenge.

Earned 4 xp.

Session -I have no idea-
8-15-09 Session

We find ourselves at a small island of 500 people, and meet the Denzik here. Our firedust arrives here as well, escorted by Skullstone. They are doing their best to make people think we are their ally, and this cannot continue. The Stoners slaughter the town, and disrupt the peace god who inhabits it. They are gone now, so we put the townspeople to rest and then repopulate it with our own that are ready to retire and Coral 'refugees'. Belesse' is now telling the story differently, and pointing out how we did not do it. We'll leave the Burnt Offering with them and allow them to use it for defense and fishing. We will also raise the sunken bireme to replace it, and tear down the parts of the town that they will not be using. This gives us raw materials to work with, and and that will be that.
Last session, we acquired new weapons - a gunblade of jade, an orichalcum seven part staff, and a moonsilver chain-daiklave for our captured ships and a few pieces of unused weaponry and armor. We'll spend a month here, and that will give us time to build some new armaments and refurbish the ships we have.

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