Current Storyline Events

The Blasphemous Case of Professor Bigby

Following a hullaboo at the university, the new Cascade Champions tracked down the recently widowed Professor Bigby in his attempt to summon an eldritch fiend to destroy Shadoloo and Bison. They succeeded, and he is now at Blackstone Prison.
+3 XP
Heroes involved - Giganta, Legend, Link, Gypsy, Silas, Delivery

The Shakedown

The US Government not only blames the Champions for giving up a portion of Omega's armor to Shadoloo agents, but almost destroys Cascade City by not considering the ill effects of two Seismic Convertors in the same area.
+1 XP
Heroes involved - Legend, Delivery, Silas, Link

Uranium Togo, Please?

UNISON secretly notifies the Champions that an African youth is using Gargoyle's hammer, and they become involved in a civil war. They manage to make the two sides start talking, and now worry about the shadow-summoning shaman who fled their wrath. The mountain of pure uranium? That is unresolved, and likely to remain so.
+4 XP, raised to power level 10
Heroes involved - Legend, Giganta, Link, Silas, Delivery

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