Character Creation Worksheet

Character Creation Template:

Step 1: Choose a Concept
You should probably start by coming up with a rough idea of the kind of character you want to play. Physically weak or mightily muscled? Simple and straightforward or sly and cunning? Young and idealistic or old and grizzled? Skilled in battle or possessed of mystic powers? If you already have a broad concept in mind then that makes it much easier to choose things like Race, Class and skills from the wide array of options on offer. If you are stuck, pick a character in a book or movie and use it as your character's archetype. It doesn't matter if its Clint Eastwood in The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly or Woody Allen in Annie Hall. If the character fits, steal it. Using this archetype helps you fill in your character's gaps. It helps you to react as your archetype would react when faced with a situation you haven't prepared for. Over time, this archetype will fade and what remains may be much different from the original.

Step 2: Choose your Race and Class
There are three player races: Humans, Dwarves, and Halflings. The player classes are listed below.

Available Classes

The base classes I am currently allowing are the following:
Players Handbook:
Cleric (modified), Fighter, Rogue
Complete Warrior:
Swashbuckler, Alternate Ranger
Complete Adventurer:
Ninja, Scout

Pick from these based on the archetype of your character. Which class will best match the abilities you wish to have?

Step 3: Roll your Ability Scores :
This part works as it always has—roll some dice, add them up. I am using (roll 4 dice, add the best 3) x 7, choose the best 6 for your stats. I want heroic, but not godlike stats, and this should give it to me.

Str: Dex: Con: Int: Wis: Cha:

Step 4: Choose your profession or craft.
This will determine your place in the town where we start, and where you get to spend 5 FREE skill points on that profession or craft, and a related skill. Whee!

Step 5: Choose your Alignment
This is purely for roleplay purposes. In game terms, in my world, there are NO alignments. It's just them and us.

Step 6: Choose your languages
Languages available are: Torric, Aeryan, Talonese, Solomic, Tsuberian, and Elven. There is also the Elder Tongue, and the Orcish Black Speech. The Protectorate of Jova speak Aeryan. Everyone has the King's Tongue, which is the common equivalent.

Step 7: Choose your starting Feat(s)
You start with one Feat of your choice, in addition to any Feats granted as Class Features. Humans start with one extra Feat of their choice. Fighters also receive one additional Feat chosen from the appropriate list in the PHB.

Step 8: Choose your Skills
Pick what skills you wish to spend points on according to your class, and what you want to be able to do.

Step 9: Purchase your equipment
Rules and costs for starting gold and equipment can be found in the PHB. Start with the maximum gold available for your Class (e.g. a Fighter will start with 240 gp). Remember that you also get a starting outfit for free, we wouldn't want any naked adventurers wandering into the shops!
Starting characters cannot purchase any magical items, any Masterwork items or anything from the "Special Substances and Items" section and the "Spellcasting and Services" section.
Once you have purchased your equipment, you should work out how much it weighs and compare it to your Carrying Capacity to see whether or not you're encumbered.

Step 10: Choose your age, height, weight and appearance
Choose your age, height and weight from the ranges given for your Race and gender in the tables in the PHB. You may choose any starting age appropriate to your Race as a young adult.

Step 11: Finishing touches
You should now have a complete character sheet. To finish things off you just need to come up with your character's name, personality and a bit of history and background, and then you're ready to play. Familiar to the endworld players, here is a list to help with this.

  1. General appearance:
  2. Apparent ethnicity, place of birth:
  3. Approximate age, height, & weight:
  4. Color of eyes, hair:
  5. Father's name, location, occupation, employer:
  6. Mother's name, location, occupation, employer:
  7. Spouse? Children? Details?
  8. Other significant family?
  9. Natural talents & interests:
  10. Significant education/training:
  11. Significant careers so far:
  12. Career goals:
  13. Significant accomplishments/experiences/awards:
  14. Nationality:
  15. Political & religious affiliations/beliefs:
  16. Life goals:
  17. General demeanor & personality:
  18. Personality quirks:
  19. Hate, fear, love?
  20. Significant relationships to other characters or player characters?
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