Cascade Champions(v3)

Set in the Mutants and Mastermind universe, where the Liberty League defends the globe, and the Centurion taught the world what it is to be a hero, the Cascade Champions defend the Pacific Northwest from their home in Cascadia.


Current Members

  • Legend - Archaeologist and Artifact Collector.
  • Giganta - Reformed Criminal turned heroine.
  • Silas - Armed with Tesla's technology and a bag of tricks.
  • Gypsy - Last refugee of an alternate timeline whose powers lie in yours.
  • Delivery - Vigilante Archer.
  • Link - Last of a line of Portal Guardians who has yet to realize his full potential.

Current Storyline Events

Missing/Retired/Reserve Members

  • Eclipse - Bearer of Nox's will
  • Gunny - Immortal Soldier
  • The Dragon - Martial Artist and Shipping Magnate
  • Kilroy - Intuitive Electronics Genius who made a mistake
  • Breakneck - Rollerderby Speedster from a heroic line.

Fallen Members

Founding Members

Known Enemies:

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