Kelpwine was born on the western end of the Blessed Isle. His childhood was unremarkable - he was the middle child of a peasant family, and fell into a less than ideal group of companions. He left the Blessed Isle by sneaking aboard a smuggler's ship, the 'Loving Mistress', and then served as cabin boy. When he had grown, he left the vessel, and moved on to another vessel, a fishing ship called the 'Isla's Bounty'. He served several seasons there, and then took a place as bosun on a vessel, the 'Jailer's Wife', which is now the Harvester. He had a conflict with the Captain, and was strapped to the top of the mast in full sun, which is when he Exalted. He then took control of the vessel, and turned it to his own uses. He has been an Exalt, keeping it mostly under tabs, for almost 20 years, but now he has decided it is time to get a fleet together, and turn the West back into the civilization it was.

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