• Various crafting projects
  • Prepare new apprentices to be able to take on magitech lessons(Int 4, Per 4, Lore 4, Craft Fire(or Air) 4).
  • Oversee orginal apprentices work on their Magitech project.
  • Put together plans for a section of the northern island, including workshops, drydocks, storage rooms, and housing.

Once reasonably confident with the mysteries of the Island, expand the island's population knowledge of crafts, grow the infrastructure and production capacity so he can pursue more esoteric and complicated creations. Oh, and improve their quality of life.

Tuvaika Dasprii

  • Training vigorously

Continue forming contacts with pirates, and providing them support in exchange for future favors - as well as providing a place to sell stolen wares.
Convert the weaponry of the ships we have to more effective styles of bolt throwers - discuss with Robin.
Make certain this island (Offering) is in good condition when we leave. We may need it as a place to run.
Practice with the chain-daiklaive. Name it.
Go to Wavecrest to get enough soil and such to turn this island-ship fertile. Practice with the controls as well to learn it even better.
Try to coax the coral higher in some areas to form a better wall, and perhaps build harbors and docks with it around the 'bridge'.

Glorious Dog

  • Holiday with Foxxy


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