Acquaintances Of The Circle

Silent Guide (Lenta) - Air Dragonblooded, prone to babbling, but bright with a scholarly bent.
Thundering Chasm (Thunder) - Taciturn Earth Dragonblooded, a depth of arcane knowledge has been hinted at.
Shin Long - A heroic mortal and first mate of Kelpwine's crew.
Ko Tatka - Wood Terrestrial, cowardly, decidedly teenage in attitudes.
Benvolio - A mortal financial master of a decidedly mercenary bent (deceased?), was a construct.
Miranda - Benvolio's daughter, Spymistress, heroic mortal.
A child in Offering - Godblood, daughter of the God of Peace.
Hamoji - Volcano God of Wavecrest, eldest of the brothers.
Black Sitka - Captain of the Ocean Dancer, missing.
Drifting Shadows - Deceased sorceror, responsible (possibly) for the curse on Shin.
False Kelpwine - Skullstone Lackey spreading false rumors of alliance between Skull and Isle
Foxy - Lunar mate to Glorious Dog, Fox Totem,
Shivan - Animal Style Martial Arts Master, Loremaster
Firewater - Righteous Devil Master, Octopus Totem
Tross - Tattoo Artist, Albatross Totem
Hammer Sings - newly minted Lunar, Orca Totem
White-Faced Ghoul - Abyssal, Zombie Master
Ignus - God (?), was 'retired', forced into action by destruction of machine
Volcano God - reneged on deal with Kelpwine when Tuva moved too fast to destroy machine

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