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Current Campaign Highway

It is 1947, Humanity has been given the black of space for nearly four decades. The heroic First Captains went to the planets and the moons, with righteous hearts and proud backs. Space met them with indifference and devastation. Those few who came back to earth, had the blood and dirt of a hundred worlds on their hands and in their eyes. Across Earth, the backers of the failed first expeditions grew meek at the horrific loss of capitol, the destruction of their investments. To reduce their risk and salvage what remained the investors and countries tried to crush the adventurous spirit, to bring the captains to heel, to confiscate and control the remaining ships. The first few who landed at home were met by police and Pinkerton Agents, but they warned the rest.

And so on the big island of Hawaii, near picked over husk of the first alien rocket to crash on earth, the only free port, the gateway to the heavens, a city of outlaws and dreamers was built, and Highway was born.

Player Characters
Noteable Rockets - and their Crew
Game History - And Session Log
The Highway Chronicle - Weekly Newspaper
Setting Specific Rules

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